Hide away from the world. At least for seven days. Because in those seven days, universes change. And they always do.

It takes the solitude of escaping everyday reality and the confines away from responsibility to work beyond the broken heart that won’t heal or the weight that won’t come off because there’s a myriad of underlying reasons you haven’t addressed yet or the job that you just canNOT fathom enduring any further.

Sometimes the bliss of a retreat, even if for three days, is all you need to reboot your view and see things how they truly are, so you can rebuild them the way YOU want them to be, not the way everyone says they have to be.

Life isn’t lived at the mercy of our situations. It’s lived at the hand of our co-creation. It’s us taking deep, hard looks into our own hearts and recognizing whatever misery is there, allowing it to be (even if only for a second more), then letting it go. For good.

But it’s often the “letting it go” part that truly hurts. But pushing past that hurt is essential, so you can excel and wake up to a life you’ve designed, yourself. Wake up to a life that IS the payment you get for living it (and of course, revenue and profits through the roof, are excellent side effects).

You’ve suffered through the pain of loss that you never thought you’d survive.

But what if surviving isn’t where you have to stop?

What if magnificent mornings on your balcony, enjoying the serenity of silence before the world wakes up, instead of wallowing in self-pity and crying yourself to sleep in the wee hours, is your cuppa?

What if going to bed at night means you’re going to wake up to a beautiful career that you built with your own hands?

What if YOU lead the life that your soul has been calling to you to build and this low-point you’re at is EXACTLY what you needed to see it?

Taking place in gorgeous Ibiza, a place close to my heart as I’ve lived here for the past 6 years and I’ve been coming here for 20, this place is where you can really go on your most wonderful inner journey. I know all the hidden spots where you can immerse in nature, crystal-clear waters & discover your secret desires.

Your transformational retreat will help you wake up to ALL that your heart has desired for so long. And its end will be the start of a brand new you and a brand new view that you get support for, long after you return home.

This retreat is a superior solution for:

  • The woman who is pressed for time and doesn’t want to wait 6 months for their solution to take hold
  • The woman who suffers great pain caused by a break up (lover or spouse)
  • The woman who knows that she cannot dig herself out of the hole she feels like she’s lost in
  • The woman who needs to lose weight, but cannot uncover the psychological reasons why she can’t
  • The woman who is sick and tired of a working soul-sucking career that gets her everywhere, but still doesn’t make her feel like she’s at home

Everything I do is a wake up call for the women that come to work with me. They walk in broken and disjointed. They walk out commanders of their new lives.

The Retreat Results in:

  • Healed wounds so you can move way past the hurt
  • Own your life 110% and LOVE it
  • Confidence to take on EVERYTHING that’s thrown your way
  • Drive to make more and powerful positive changes, as you see fit
  • Jump out of bed because you want to LIVE your life again, not hide from it
  • Revel in the passion that drives every decision you now make
  • Creating memories of a lifetime in the luxury surrounding of Ibiza

Investment: £7777

Welcome consultation

Dinner with sharing of our reasons for being here

Yin yoga & meditation for connection to our dreams and deep sleep

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Coaching session: connecting to your vision – really painting a picture of where you want to be

10:30 Coastal hike with big vistas and new horizons to help you think big

14:30 Beachside lunch and optional swimming

18:00 Chiropractic adjustment to connect to your vision – and embody it now

19:00 Dinner and star gazing with talk on astronomy

07:00 Yoga

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 University of life workshop

Learn a unique approach “ The University of Life” to help find your unique talent forged by your “universe” since you were born.

“There is a hidden order behind the apparent chaos of everyday life”

When emotions about our past experiences occupy our time and we feel victimized or unable to make our life a success.This transformation approach allows you to explore your experiences in life in rare depth to realise all the benefits your struggles have brought you to help forge your talent.

The transformation is all about you getting results. It is about you learning self-mastery of your mind, your emotions and your life. You will transform your way of being and thinking  and catalyse your growth.

23:00 Late finish as we breakthrough the blocks holding you back

09:00 Breakfast and sharing to discuss the workshop

10:30 Beach day with water activities (kayak, stand up paddle boarding) to relax and integrate

17:00 Chiropractic adjustment to transform where you are to where you want to be

18:00 Coaching session – how to create a plan to your vision

20:00 Sunset beach dinner

08:00 yoga

09:00 breakfast

Two private sessions throughout the day plus time to relax my the pool and journal your breakthroughs and transformations.

1 x Private Healing therapy

Highly intuitive holistic healing session. Using a combination of Reiki and Shamanic therapy, this session can bring about an energetic release, often bringing insight, physical healing and inspired creative thought. A session consists of gentle ‘hands on’ body-work that is non-invasive. You will leave feeling elevated, blissed-out and ‘together again’.

1 x Private Coaching session

We’ll dig down into the core of what you’re struggling with and make sure we address the root of the issue, so you walk away with the action steps you need to take to continue to progress through and complete the change yourself.

07:00 sunrise coastal hike with juices to connect to nature and integrate

11:00 Brunch on the way

17:00 Coaching session: the next steps – how to embody your transformation day to day and implement the change plus future-gazing

18:00 Chiropractic adjustment to stay inspired

20:00 Evening out in Ibiza country restaurant

09:00 yoga

10:00 Breakfast and wellness consultations

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