Confidence Coaching Testimonials - Kelly Morgan


“A thirty minute call with Kelly completely transformed my thought process and helped me be able to work through the muddle that was in my head by asking a few simple but crucial questions which I neglected to ask myself. Highly recommended.”

Nicky Robbins

“Kelly’s line of questioning helped me turn around what my mind had been framing in a negative light back into my own innate wisdom and sense of power.”

Diesel Ciesco

“Recently had a session with Kelly to work on my value mindset. She made an impact in a really quick space of time, helping me to unpick some of my underlying beliefs (some of which were holding me back). She also gave me a really useful tool to use – which really resonated with my practical / project management mind!”

Clara Wilcox

“I started working with Kelly to help guide and focus me on the delivery and development of a new project. As a coach she gains a full understanding of what you really want to achieve, provides excellent feedback and brings a huge amount of experience and wisdom in each coaching session. I think Kelly really goes above and beyond what’s expected and her method of coaching is a great way to stay on track and has definitely helped me keep energised in accomplishing what I want to do. Although I haven’t used Kelly as a coach for changes in fitness or diet I know she’s on top of this too having been to one of her 38 Degrees retreats in Ibiza. I’m really happy to have Kelly as my coach and think her sessions are great investment if you want to develop and make lasting changes in areas of your life.”

Development Director (SME)

“Having met Kelly several years ago, I was immediately struck by her warmth and radiance, and when it came time to refresh my career, she was the natural choice of coach. Kelly is non-judgemental, hard working and truly believes in what she teaches. She really listens, and is very solution oriented to each client. I am so grateful for her warm energy and the most wonderful – and intense -sessions. It was a perfect mix of practical, and spiritual inner work. Business-wise, she walked me through practical steps, and guided me on their implementation, complete with follow up calls. I feel excited and on my way to success, and will be booking more sessions to keep up the momentum. Kelly also introduced me to some Neurolinguistic programming techniques. In spite of my scepticism, I found the methods very powerful, and am so blessed to have invested in myself, and put my trust in Kelly. She is great!”

Consultant (AO)