Female Entrepreneur Coaching - Kelly Morgan

Half- Day Radience Experience

The weight is now lifted off your soul.
And your radiance is absolutely blinding.

The work you’ve found every excuse not to do, flows forward, effortlessly. Easily.

And the excuses that once served you? All gone.

All. Gone.

No more thinking or feeling like you’re not good enough, like the ideas you have aren’t unique enough, like the business that you put yourself into every day isn’t going to make it.

Every. Limiting. Negative. Thought. Dismantled and burned, right in front of you.

Thanks to Radiance. This three-hour program unlocks so much more than your excuses. It unlocks the POSITIVE thinking your high-powered live thrives on.

Welcome to the Time Line Therapy™ sessions that push women to the solutions they need to get passed, so they:

  • Start the business they’ve always known they should start

  • Pivot out of the business they are in because it no longer serves them and into one that fulfills way more than their wallets

  • Lets go of the relationships that are keeping them “safe” and allows them to create a new belief system that serves their souls

  • Push forward with an unrequited passion for their goals and makes absolutely all of it feel good

  • Step out of the mindsets that work against their goals

If you’ve heard a hint of a nagging in your heart that’s made the work you do or the relationships you have feel “off” or horribly unfulfilling? Then you’ve heard yourself asking for something more than what you’re currently giving.

If you’ve heard yourself say to you, but you can’t…

Or why would you?

Or this is a ridiculous idea, who would listen to you…

Then you’ve heard the negative thinking that keeps you from playing at your highest levels. The thoughts that keep you running on the hamster wheel, never getting anywhere.

We were not put on this earth to merely muddle through.

And I’m not telling you something you don’t know.

What I am telling you is that I help women like you every day to overcome the feelings of insecurity, unhappiness, moods that keep them under their blanket forts and wishing for a chocolate lava cake delivery service instead of working on their client list.

Not because I’m magic or I have some simple solution, but because I’ve done this work for years and by walking with women into their new lives and their new perspectives, I understand what you long for.

During our Radiance session, we’ll:

  • Uncover the root causes of your negative feelings so we can address them fully and work toward solutions you can implement that day
  • Discover what mechanisms you respond to best so you can stick with your solutions, long term
  • Release associated past events that have and do contribute to your current lack of motivation and drive…and radiance
  • Develop a self-care practice that upholds that new belief system we create so you maintain the resulting glow emanating from your soul

  • Conquer the fears that tell you that you are going to fail so you rise above the emotions and use them to power you upward

Radiance sessions are based on a proven therapy process called Time Line Therapy™ that trains your mind into believing the thoughts that align with who you really are and eliminates the doubts that society has overshadowed them with.
Hundreds of thousands of women have been through this hypnotic training of the mind and have walked out of it with an outlook they never imagined cultivating on their own.

What women have been able to accomplish with Time Line Therapy™:

  • Rewired what felt like inherent negative self-talk that prevented them from creating careers and families that felt like home to them
  • Shattered the ceiling they’d been living under allowing them to create that powerful business they’d been trying to create, effortlessly, making them thousands of dollars in the process
  • Created the lives and businesses they’ve known they were capable of from the beginning but couldn’t let themselves believe.

And that’s what this is all about. Creating the YOU through the beliefs you once had in place before you were told “no” or “why would you do that”, before you were made to belief the thoughts that you aren’t good enough.

I’m Kelly Morgan, your Shake Up to Wake Up coach, owner and operator at TK in Spain. And I serve women like you every day via coaching and our wellness retreats.

We receive over 500 high-powered women a year through our retreat, so I know and understand your high expectations for yourself and your life.

That’s why I make it my business to facilitate people in real life, as well as online.

When you book your Radiance session, we’ll jump on Skype and dig into your limiting beliefs and rewire them with the very powerful Time Line Therapy™.

Once our three hours is over, you walk away with a new sense of who you are, with a belief system so strong, you can’t be broken.

It all starts with you. With who you truly want to become. This is your chance to transform everything you have into everything you’ve wanted.

As a high-power woman, I know that you are ready for this, that you are ready to become who you are capable of becoming.

Investment £497

Own your Radiance. Shift the results you’ve been getting to match the dreams you’ve been having.