Let’s Get Personal
Because that’s the fastest way to power through this evolution of YOU

Only true satisfaction comes from finding our unique talents, what we were put on this planet to do.

And I help you break whatever that is, down into super-easy steps, so it doesn’t seem so out of reach.

Because living on a work-pay bills-sleep-repeat pattern leaves us feeling like we missed an entire world of fun, at the end of our lives. We’ll dig in and find out what your “hell yeah” is, so you go to bed at night, full of gratitude because you’re doing what you were put on this Earth to do.  

This 3 month, Let’s Get Personal, one-on-one experience will do just that.

I’ll hold your hand while we discover the confidence and clarity you need to go from being shaken, vulnerable, and lost to waking up to your own power, re-discovering your purpose and experience that full-of-yourself love for everything you do.

What’s involved…

Together, we will work on:

  • Create clarity & vision – Get to know what you would really LOVE to do by uncovering all the desires hidden in your heart (no matter what areas of your life that involves) and start working towards realising some of those dreams to experience true fulfilment.

  • Align your vibe & thoughts – Work on your mindset and energy to remove all limiting beliefs and past negative emotions that are unconsciously holding you back to create a deep sense of inner stability & authenticity.

  • Implement a plan – Take practical steps because there’s nothing like action to give you the confidence and the know-how to move forward, so we will co-create a plan with practical steps broken down into actions that you can power forward with.

Programme specifics:

  • Let’s Get Personal questionnaire and in-depth call to get to the root of what’s going on for you right now and create a clear direction to move forward
  • 1 hour coaching session every week for three months to go through all your dreams, desires, fears and blocks. The place where we create the plan to go from ZERO to 100%.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming & Time Line Therapy™ to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
  • Personalised exercises and homework for you to work through in between sessions.
  • Motivational coaching throughout each month via SMS, email, etc to help you stay on track, I will be with you throughout the journey as your number 1 fan and coach to keep you motivated, focused on getting the results that you would love to see.
  • Support in a private Facebook group which includes insider tips, motivation, & tutorials focusing on specific areas, from keeping motivated, making decisions easily, to dealing with heartbreak, so that you get expert guidance to move towards your goals.

  • Audio & video guides that have meditations, affirmations or mini-training updates to keep you focused on your goals and moving forward with positivity and motivation. Me alongside you all the time, if you will.


  • Escape from hell and build towards a life without regrets
  • Deep-rooted belief in you and life again
  • Control of your own life with simple, easy-to-implement steps
  • Re-align with your unique purpose and gifts, so that life of no regrets has a powerful drive instilled in it
  • Build confidence to really go for it, whatever that “it” looks like for you
  • Crush all fears and doubts that have, until this moment, stopped you from living the life you see in your sleep at night
  • Create a real sense of “YES! I’m FINALLY home!”
  • A plan that encourages you to take steps towards every dream you have

Investment: £4444 or £1600 for 3 months

Next Steps

Email me to set up an exploratory conversation.