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The Empowered Woman – In Life & Love

The Very Exclusive LIVE, luxury Retreat in Ibiza, Spain

25th to 28th May 2018

How would it feel to experience 3 days of utmost luxury, feminine bonding, empowerment and expansion, sun and sand in a gorgeous, private mansion on the island of IBIZA with 10 fantastic women and 2 world class coaches this summer?

Yes, you get to hide away from the world. For at least for three days. And know that in those three days, your inner Universe can change forever.

Yes, forever!

Sometimes, it takes the solitude of escaping everyday reality and actively walking away from the feelings of responsibility, to find answers to where your freedom and power actually lies in life…

Whether it is your love life and the man in your life that is pulling you down or the weight of that job you hate on your shoulders ….

It is time to give yourself a break.

And not just “any” ordinary break…

It is time to allow yourself to be spoilt and pampered by luxury, to sip cocktails by the warm Mediterranean Sea waters and give yourself a “reboot” in 2 fundamental areas of life that determine your overall happiness –

Love And Career!

The bliss of this exclusive, holistic retreat, is what you need to anchor yourself into your power again and see things for how they truly are, so you can rebuild your life the way YOU want it to be, not the way everyone says it should be.

Imagine being coached live in person, by Sami Wunder, a world-class love and relationship coach, who will help you go on a deep journey within, to reconnect with your feminine power and help you fully step into the romantic relationship you’ve always wanted and so highly deserve…

On top of that, we have Kelly Morgan, an amazing career confidence coach, who will help you to identify exactly what it is you were put on this earth to do – your life purpose, and create the practical plan to start living from it so that you finally feel happy and fulfilled.

This Retreat is pure, unadulterated luxury and feminine fun.

Only 10 select women will be chosen to join us on the beautiful island of Ibiza from 25 – 28 May, 2018.

We are staying at an ultra-luxury private villa, which is not normally available to rent.

We have secured it from a lovely client who is willing to share her island home with us. 

It is full of modern art, the highest quality materials and is thoroughly luxuriously – only what a billionaire would expect.

Each guest will have their own bedroom including en-suite and there is a choice of staying in the main house, the African-style lodge with copper baths or the cabanas with private outdoor bathrooms.

The villa is set on 21000 m2 of land on its own peninsula directly facing the sea with sunrise views.  It has ancient olive trees, a vineyard, swimming pool, plenty of terraces to relax, jacuzzi, hammam, gym, spa massage room, and cinema.

You name it and we have it!

And because we deserve all the fun and joy, to support us on our luxury retreat we will 4 housemaids, a butler, a chef cooking us breakfast and lunch!

The evenings are free for you to have dinner in one of Ibiza’s hotspots.

There is also an award-winning wine cellar, should you wish to have a glass of wine at lunch! We will also have access to 2 golf cars that can be driven on the territory.

If you´re looking to go out to experience Ibiza nightlife, taxis can be hired.

Listen beautiful one. 

You’ve suffered through the pain of love that you never thought you’d survive. You’ve been doing a career that you just can’t put up with anymore.

But what if putting up with stuff and just surviving isn’t where you have to stop?

  • What if you could THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE? 

  • What if magnificent mornings on your balcony, enjoying the serenity of silence before the world wakes up, instead of wallowing in self-pity and crying yourself to sleep in the wee hours, is your cuppa?
  • What if you finally have the right tools to help you find the love and relationship you so much desire?
  • What if waking up your feminine power and leading a most delicious diva lifestyle becomes your new norm?
  • What if going to bed at night means you’re going to wake up to a beautiful career that you built with your own hands?
  • What if YOU lead the life that your soul has been calling to you to build and this is EXACTLY what you needed to see it?

Both Kelly and Sami, renowned coaches in their respective fields, will come together in a never seen before way, and take you through a deeply healing, transformative inner journey where your relationships and your professional life will fall together like never before.

The retreat is a superior solution for:

  • The person who is pressed for time and doesn’t want to wait 6 months for their solution to take hold.

  • The person who suffers great pain caused by a breakup and wants to learn how to do things differently.

  • The person who knows that she cannot dig herself out of the hole she feels like she’s lost in.

  • The person who is sick and tired of a working soul-sucking career that gets her everywhere, but still doesn’t make her feel like she’s at home

The Retreat Results in:

  • Deep feminine empowerment in romantic relationships

  • Owning your life 110% and LOVING it

  • Confidence to take on EVERYTHING that’s thrown your way

  • Drive to make more and powerful positive changes, as you see fit

  • Jump out of bed because you want to LIVE your life again, not hide from it

  • Revel in the passion that drives every decision you now make

  •  Creating memories of a lifetime in the luxury surrounding of Ibiza, Spain with 200% luxury and self-pampering.

What’s included

25th – 28th May 2018

1) 3 nights and 3 days in a magnificent luxurious villa with the on-hand butler, housemaids and chef!

2) Daily breakfast

3) Dinner Friday night, Daily lunch included Saturday and Sunday

4) Tea, coffee, juice and refreshments during the live coaching sessions

5) Spa afternoon and full body massage

6) Beach afternoon to soak up the rays and Ibiza atmosphere

7) Airport transfers available Friday and Monday

8) Most importantly – 10 hours of LIVE coaching with Kelly & Sami, which alone values over 10,000 euros, given what our private clients pay for our time.

The coaching work on the retreats is hands on, you get personal attention due to the intimate group size and you “live” and practice all you learn – right from overcoming fears, to reconnecting with your feminine power. The work will transform you like it transformed every single retreat participant from the last retreat. 

Your investment for all that good stuff is €3400

What’s not included

Dinner Saturday and Sunday

Lunch on the first day

Ready to grab your place?

See what others say:

Within 3 months I attracted and got engaged to the man of my dreams!

As a single mother raising a son and putting him through College in the United States, I was initially hesitant to invest such large sums of money in Sami´s materials and coaching.

However, Sami´s philosophy that when we invest in ourselves, our commitment to our goals increases is so true. I did dive in and I was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.

I followed Sami´s methods and within 3 months I attracted and got engaged to the man of my dreams. We are getting married on Laguna Beach this September and I am so excited that Sami will be there for my big day.

Thank you, Sami, over and over again for how you changed my life. I will be forever grateful to you.

Carla, USA

Sami Wunder, you truly made me believe that anything is possible. I am engaged to be married to a man who treats me like a queen. The transformation with your tools has been so powerful. Thank you for everything.

Melissa, USA

As a coach, she gains a full understanding of what you really want to achieve, provides excellent feedback and brings a huge amount of experience and wisdom in each coaching session.

I think Kelly really goes above and beyond what’s expected and her method of coaching is a great way to stay on track and has definitely helped me keep energised in accomplishing what I want to do.

I’m really happy to have Kelly as my coach and think her sessions are a great investment if you want to develop and make lasting changes in areas of your life.

Development Director SME, UK

I feel engergized, motivated and ready to go for my dream! Kelly helped me overcome my biggest blocks: insecurity and fear of failure. I reconnected to my vision and let go of the paralyzing “what ifs”.

I understood I’m wasting my time asking myself the wrong questions. Now I can fearlessly move forward. Thank you so much, Kelly, for this liberating and enlightening experience! 

Simona, Europe

I now truly believe that I am worthy and will have my dream relationship.

I started working with Sami Wunder under a year ago as a private client. Sami met me where I was. I used to be an over-giver and 100% in masculine energy pretty much in all areas of my life.

Over the last months, I have had several breakthroughs in my love life, with family relationships and within my work and even business!

My BIGGEST breakthrough is probably that I now truly BELIEVE that I am worthy and will have my dream relationship. We’re just halfway through the mastermind and so many high-quality men are already flocking me. I am loving being courted and staying in my feminine.

As a modern woman, chances are you are suffering from an imbalance in your life just like I was; the answer is here and it is Sami Wunder!

Don’t delay starting with this any longer no matter what age you are. I started this specific work in my early 40’s and I know women who work with Sami and who get engaged in their 50’s and 60’s.

Sonia, United Arab Emirates

I am so glad I found Sami. Her tools have brought amazing changes to my love life and self-confidence and I could write her a testimonial of 1000 words for how she helped me save my marriage within weeks.

Amy, USA

When it came time to refresh my career, she was the natural choice of coach. Kelly is non-judgemental, hard working and truly believes in what she teaches.

She really listens and is very solution oriented to each client. I am so grateful for her warm energy and the most wonderful – and intense -sessions. It was a perfect mix of practical, and spiritual inner work.

In spite of my scepticism, I found the methods very powerful, and am so blessed to have invested in myself, and put my trust in Kelly. She is great!

Consultant, Paris