Awaken - 30 Day Life Coaching For Women - Kelly Morgan

Live a Life Driven By YOU

Dream-making is powerful business. And it can be fun and easy. Effortless.

Notice I said “effortless”.

Because it can be. And it doesn’t matter how insane people tell you your dream is, it can be effortless. And it can be fun.

When you know and understand what you want and you have clear steps of action to take to build said want, you create a scenario for yourself where success becomes inevitable.

Whether you want to build a powerful business that earns $8,765,087 a month (okay, I might ask you to be somewhat more realistic) or to create a life that serves you on your terms so you can go on holidays as your body likes and needs, Awaken gets you there.

The biggest problem most women have is creating a plan that serves the larger goals. The second biggest problem is even being able to identify the vision, itself.

Solve both of these problems with Awaken.

Awaken is about clearing out the cobwebs hiding your dreams and creating that clear-as-the-Adriatic-Sea vision of what you want (and need) to happen in your life, developing action steps and plans that you can execute to pull that vision from your head and into reality.

No more questioning whether or not you’re sane, or why you’re doing it. All of that will be sorted and your oxygen will become working on that dream.

And during our 30 days together, we:

  • Establish the crystal-clear, I-need-ALL-of-this vision in your head and on paper so you know exactly what you are working for.

  • Co-creating a step-by-baby-step plan to said vision because creating the know-how takes the guessing out of it and removes yet another barrier to success.

  • Align your vibe & thoughts by working on your mindset and energy to remove all limiting beliefs and past negative emotions that are unconsciously holding you back to create a deep sense of inner stability & authenticity (read: so you will freaking KNOW you can do this and move forward with ease)

It’ll all go down like this:

  • You’ll receive an Awaken questionnaire and we’ll have an in-depth call to get to the root of your vision create a clear direction to create your map to your vision
  • We’ll have our 1 hour coaching session every week where we’ll re-visit your vision, continue working on your beliefs with Time Line Therapy™, and address action steps that you’ve taken, as well as the ones you’ll work on for the next week
  • You’ll also get access to powerful support in the private Facebook group which includes insider tips, motivation, & tutorials focusing on specific areas, from keeping motivated, making decisions easily, to dealing with heartbreak, so that you get expert guidance to move towards your goals

And when 30 days is over, you’ll have:

  • A clear vision and action steps to escape from hell into the paradise your mind has created for you
  • A break from old patterns of behaviour that sabotage your chances of winning
  • The unbridled confidence to really go for your plan, all in
  • A real, foundational sense of “YES! I know what the hell I’m doing”
  • A powerful lead on making your dreams become real

And I know all this is how it happens because this is how I make it happen with all my clients. I give each and every one everything they need to become who they want to become.

The life you want, the business you want starts right here. In 30 days, we are going to stomp out all your resistance and reservations in a way that feels fucking GOOD.

We are going create a plan that cannot fail as long as you do the work every day. Because, make no mistake, dream-making is serious business. It’s FUN, but serious.

Roll out of bed, open up your computer, know what offers to make for that day and where, know what programs you need to create, know where you need to look for your next place to live, even!

But you have to take the actions.

It’s a powerful recipe for success.

If you take the actions we outline in our sessions.

No more wondering what’s next. No more wishing you had answers. No more using excuses to not become great.

It’s all RIGHT HERE in this spot-on programme.

Clear vision, actionable map, upgraded mindset with Time Line Therapy. You cannot do anything but WIN.

The only problem is you’ll have to dream more dreams because you’ve made them all come true.

My name is Kelly Morgan. And I am your Shake Up to Wake Up coach and owner of TK retreats in Spain.

After years in this business, one thing we’ve come to understand is that dreams are not distant or intangible, if you know how to make it fun and easy. That’s what I do.

The Awaken program is a light and fun way to approach the oh-so-serious business of dream-making. Join me today and let go of wishing for something better to come along and start creating your something better.

Awaken your dreams. Awaken your soul.
Live a life others wish they had.

Investment: £997

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