Learning to live after the sh*t has truly hit the fan is tough. But never impossible.

It takes stepping into the you you’ve always felt welling up inside you. It takes letting go of the stuff that pulls at you to stay under the covers for another week. It takes FEELING your power and wanting to run with it.

Goals are never gone, they just change.

And creating a life made up of days full of wonder, doing what you love most, and being the absolute most powerful you, you’ve ever been? Is easier now than ever.

If you’re willing to go all in? If you’re willing to NOT WORK QUIETLY TO MEDIOCRITY, if you’re willing to set your ass on fire to make it happen?

It will. Sooner. Not later.

You see all these women claiming to make hundreds of thousands, while they roam this globe. And think to yourself: “I want that life.”

Or you see the mother with the house all organized and the kids smiling instead of screaming like bloody banshees, and you think, “That could be me.”

Or you see these women who obviously love their bodies enough to take care of them, and wish that were you.

You. Can. Have. It. All.

IF you’re willing to push through the scripts you’ve been lying to yourself with to change them. IF you’re willing to put in the painful work it takes to get past yourself. IF you’re willing to work and work hard, I’m your coach.

I’m Kelly. I work with powerful women, like you. Women who head their own powerful companies and corporate heads, alike, to get them on a clear path to obtaining their wildest hearts’ desires.

It’s my job to wake you up again. To teach you how to be the biggest, baddest you possible. And to get you through the shake up that haunts you, so you can be you again.

5 years ago, I wrecked myself, wallowing in my own pity and disgust at how my life had turned out.  “Is this it?” was the question popping up in my mind all the time. No matter how many hours I worked to prove myself.

No matter how far and fast I was progressing in the glitter of corporate world, that question was there. All the time. So much so, it drove me to quit my banking job and set up a life I thought I would adore living.

So I bought a wellness centre in Spain.

I thought I was sorted.

Not quite.

Fast forward one year and my only thought was: “Please God, save me from bankruptcy… we were THIS close…”

Eventually, we made it work and turned the wellness centre into a super-successful retreat company, which receives over 500 clients a year in our retreats.

5 years on,  I’ve been working with high-flying women, who’ve lost their mojo somehow, to get back in the driver’s seat, to take a powerful stance and own their positions again.

Is this you?

We’ll work together to take off all the limits that stop you from breezing through a life you love.

We’ll carve out what your life would look and feel like if you had EVERYTHING you want. And we’ll do it at breakneck speeds because there’s ZERO point in going from a big shake up to meh, whatever.

Shoot for the stars. That’s the only way.

If you’re with me, jump over to my Work with Me page and see the ways you can flip your world upside down for the best, again.